Sewage Leak

When you have a sewage leak, call HEP, Inc. to get it fixed right the first time! 


A sewage leak is certainly no small issue. Amongst many other downfalls, it presents a health hazard for your family and for anyone around your property. Because it can take a while to diagnose and fix, your yard may suffer damage in the process.

 There are many factors to consider if you believe you have a sewage leak. The easiest culprit would, of course, be the odor. Sewage leaks are not something you should ignore, and you should call HEP, Inc. immediately. If you notice that parts of your lawn are growing more quickly than usual, you may have a sewage leak underneath it, fertilizing your lawn. If your plumbing system clogs more frequently than usual, it may be more than just a small clog. There may be leaks or tree roots seeping in. Be sure and call HEP, Inc. as soon as possible if you suspect you may have a sewage leak.

knoxville leak detection and repair of sink by technician

Because we service most plumbing jobs, our plumbers are uniquely qualified to handle all your sewage leaks and service needs. If you’re having a problem and are needing a plumber, call HEP is on the way to get it right the first time! HEP is on the Way’s plumbing department not only offers full-service repairs, but we offer new installations too.

All of our commercial and residential work is 100% guaranteed, and our plumbing technicians are ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After our technicians assess your problem, they will give you an estimate before we begin any work, so you know exactly what we are going to do and how much it will cost! Our technicians do not work based on an hourly rate, so there are never any surprise costs.

Our professional dispatch team route our plumbers all around East Tennessee, so we are able to best plan out our plumber’s day. Our technicians always call 30 minutes prior to their arrival, so you always know when HEP is on the way!