Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers


In East Tennessee, humidity can be a challenge for the people that live here. High humidity can make hot temperatures feel even hotter, it will encourage mold growth, can lead to respiratory stress, and many other things that are common with high humidity.

Thankfully, dehumidification systems can not only help you and your family, but it can also help your home. Having a dehumidification system in your home it can bring relief to your family and your home’s furnishings. Whole-home dehumidifiers are an affordable way to remove excess moisture and keep you and your indoor air comfortable. At HEP, INC. our skilled technicians have the expertise to assess your home’s humidity and recommend equipment that will improve indoor climate and reduce utility bills. After all, your HVAC system requires proper humidity to function at optimal performance.

And, while it’s not as common in Tennessee, HEP INC. also installs humidifiers to increase indoor humidity levels when dry air fills your home during the winter season. Call today to schedule a time for the HEP INC. Team to check your home to see if you need a Humidifier or Dehumidifier.

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Give the gift to yourself by being Committed to your health and comfort, HEP INC is East Tennessee’s choice for humidity management. To schedule a humidity assessment in your home or to speak with a friendly team member about our whole-home solutions, reach out to us on social media or call 865-465-9777 today! We want to be your family’s experts for your home’s needs.
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