Water Line Replacement in East Tennessee

When you have water line damage, it can and will cause major disruptions to your home’s everyday life. You may face some things like low water pressure, see strange wet spots pooling up on your lawn, or even notice a strange color and flavor in your water.

If you suspect you may need water line replacement, call the best plumbing company in East Tennessee! Our highly skilled plumbers can quickly diagnose your water line problem and let you know if replacing it is the right solution for your plumbing issues.

Signs You Need Water Line Installation

How do you know if you need a new water line installed, or if it simply needs to be replaced? It can be very difficult to assess the health of your water line yourself, since you cannot see it or inspect it underground. But remember that there are more than a few important signs that can and will tell you if the problem is serious, this is including but is not limited to:

  • Unusual wet spots in your yard – If there is water in your yard, it may mean you have a serious leak underground.
  • Drastically increased water bill – If your water usage hasn’t changed, but your bill sure has, your pipes may be dispensing more water than you realize. This may also be a sign of damage to your water line.
  • A hissing noise – Do you hear a hissing or rumbling noise where you water line pipe enters your house? If your water line is in good shape, you should never hear it. It is usually a sign that water is exiting the pipes before it reaches its intended destination inside the house.

For help understanding what’s going on with your water line, contact HEP INC. If you are having any of the problems above, you likely need to have your water line replaced or repaired right away.

Replacing Your Water Line in East Tennessee

If you and your home or business are facing a water line issue that requires that you install a new one, you are most likely very concerned about how much this is going to cost you. However, did you know that replacing a water line really depends on multiple factors? With that being said the price one homeowner pays will likely be very different than what another homeowner down the street will need to pay when the job is all done. Lots of factors that can increase the cost of replacing a water line in East Tennessee include but are not limited to:


Trees and concrete can put significant obstacles between our plumbers and your water line, which could increase your replacement costs.


Just like with trees and concrete, the more “stuff” a plumber has to go through to get to your water line, the more expensive the installation will be.


Whether or not PVC pipe, which is very affordable, is adequate material for the area you live in can affect the cost of a water line replacement. In some places your pipes are more susceptible to freezing than others, in which case PVC pipe will not do the trick.

The plumbers at HEP is on the Way can advise you on the necessary permits or permissions you may need. Do you have any additional questions before you get started? Ask an expert!