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Water Line Repair Services

When your home is in need of a water line repair, you can trust the experts at HEP, INC.. Our certified, trained and insured technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to service all of your water lines needs. We have experience providing water line services on almost all brands of equipment and specialize in servicing older equipment, so you know you will have your water line job done right.

When our HEP, INC. water line professionals arrive at your home, they will take the time to inspect and explain all of your options before starting any services. This will help you feel more confident to make informed decisions before any work begins. Our friendly staff is always ready to take your call at (865) 210-8426 or you can always Contact Us on social media 24/7.

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Common Warning Signs of a Broken or Deteriorating Water Line

Murky or Discolored Water?

If your home’s plumbing system is experiencing higher than normal sediment levels or is producing rust-brown-colored water, there’s a good chance you may have a crack or corrosion in your pipes. 

Wet or Soggy Spots on Lawn?

It could indicate a cracked water line if it hasn’t rained recently and you find damp or soggy patches in your yard. Unfortunately, by the time these spots are noticeable, the crack has been leaking extensively for an extended period.

Decreased Water Pressure?

Decreased water pressure may not mean you have a broken water line, but it’s still a good idea to call experts to see what’s happening.

Increased Water Bill?

An increased water bill may mean you have a broken water line, leak, or other issue that a professional may need to assess.

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