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Toilet Repair & Installation

Issues with your toilet can cause several things to happen — overflowing, foul odors, leaks, or even costly long-term damage. Toilet issues are stressful; luckily, our plumbing experts are here to ensure your toilets are not creating an unnecessary mess.


Even the highest-quality toilets can spring a leak. With time, the sealant around the bottom of a toilet can weaken or erode, leading to unpleasant, mold-friendly leaks that require rapid repairs. If you have some leaks that are hard to find, we can help track them down with our expert leak detection services.

However, toilets may also refuse to flush, consistently overflow, fail to refill with water, or just run nonstop. Some toilets can also be prone to clogging, even after intensive cleaning and de-clogging.


Unfortunately, replacing a toilet can be challenging for the average homeowner. Toilets work hand-in-hand with your home’s plumbing system. Those unfamiliar with this type of setup may quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the situation with all nuts, bolts, washers, pipes, hoses, and tons of gushing water.
It doesn’t matter if you require toilet maintenance and repair or simply hope to upgrade to a more modern commode — assistance from HEP is helpful.


Whether you want to repair a minor toilet malfunction or look forward to installing a brand new unit that is top of the line, there are repair and replacement solutions by HEP that will help you save time, energy, and money. Call us today to schedule a toilet repair or installation!