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Heating Repair in East Tennessee

During East Tennessee’s chilly winter months, it’s important to have your heating unit in tip-top shape. Providing homeowners with the region’s most reliable and affordable heating services, HEP INC. keeps East Tennessee comfortable, year-round.

Regardless if you are needing residential heating services or if your office is in need of commercial heating repair or maintenance, the professional team of HEP INC. has you covered. Our expertly trained HVAC heating technicians are experienced and knowledgeable. Our team here at HEP INC. always anticipates resolving your heating unit needs as quickly as possible. This allows us to take the steps we need to in advance to make sure that we are always doing our job correctly from the start.

We start with our team of well-trained heating professionals. Our field technicians carry with them (in our very recognizable yellow vans) a large inventory of the most often used parts and equipment in order to quickly and efficiently get your heating unit back up and running. This is what is keeping your home or office comfortable with as little downtime as possible. 

So let’s face it, there is never a convenient time for your heating unit to fail during the fall or winter months. And let’s just be 100% honest —heating systems often malfunction at the most inconvenient of times! Leaving you and your family in desperate need of a system repair. Being without heat in the middle of winter, let alone in the middle of the night or worse going into a long weekend isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. What could be worse is an outage over the holidays or when you are having a gathering of family and friends? One of our modern day comforts is to have climate control in our homes. So typically when the heating unit runs constantly in the background, we don’t really notice that it is constantly working hard for us until it goes out. Since we rely on our heating units to run consistently, if not constantly, during these colder months it can be an incredible shock when the unit is not as reliable as we need it to be.

To be honest though, here in East Tennessee and the surrounding areas we have winters that tend to be milder as compared to our neighbors to the north. But the chillier temperatures still affect any homeowners’ comfort. That is why it’s important to always make sure that you call our team here at HEP, INC. for the most reliable heating and cooling company that you can trust to repair your unit quickly and correctly. Ideally, you will find a top-notch heating and air support service that keeps you and your family in the cozy, warm contentment with an optimally running heating system all season long.

So even though your heating outage might be unfortunately inconvenient and necessary at incredibly inconvenient times do not fear HEP is here and has staff on call 24/7 for any issue that you might have.


All over East Tennessee, no heating and air unit is immune to a system breakdown. That’s why it’s important for you to be as aware as you can of the signs that can indicate you need a new heating system or air conditioner repair right away.

Signs include:

  • Your unit is more than 15 years old
  • Your energy bills are on the rise
  • Some rooms are too hot or too cold
  • Your system is noisy

But always keep in mind that if any of these signs are to start happening, it’s going to always be very important to address them right away. By doing so, you are not only extending your unit’s lifespan, increasing its efficiency, and lowering your utility bills, but you’re also stopping small problems from escalating into larger problems down the road.


At HEP INC. Heating, Air, Electrical & Plumbing the well-being of your home unit is our priority. So, when your comfort is disrupted by untimely heating and air breakdowns, our HEP INC. team will respond to your heating repair service request in a timely manner that works for you.

Our HEP INC. representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year, to answer your calls. No matter where you are in East Tennessee, our HEP INC. experienced team of trained and NATE-certified technicians will arrive quickly to restore your home’s comfort, and provide your new or aging heating system with some much-needed TLC. We work extra hard to ensure you and your family are able to enjoy your heating system to its fullest as quickly and efficiently as possible.


HEP INC. is East Tennessee’s Heating and air company of choice for prompt and reliable heating and cooling repairs and services. Our company continuously goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations to provide high-quality, long-lasting results. Additionally, we stand behind our work—100%. There is no better guarantee than the peace of mind that comes with knowing your heating and air unit is in professionally trained and very capable hands. HEP INC. is here when you need us most!