Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Helmet

Will the Gutter Helmet system work for your home?

This page is here to help answer your questions and concerns about the Gutter Helmet system. Here at HEP, INC. our customers are delighted with the Gutter Helmet system (Check our Google reviews to see what our customers are saying about the Gutter Helmet) and they are more than happy to tell anyone who asks. One of the biggest reasons that they are so happy with the system is that it is designed to perform in all four seasons of the year. Now of course many customers have questions that need to be answered. Here are some of the top 3 most commonly asked questions about the Gutter Helmet system.

If I do not have any trees why would I need a Gutter Helmet System?

Even if you do not have any trees around your home, you might still need the Gutter Helmet System. If you can find any debris in your gutters you for sure need Gutter Helmet. Even if you do not have the trees in your yard, your neighbors might. Leaves and other debris from the other homes around you or from high wind areas can and will bring things that get stuck in your gutter system. This can accumulate in your gutter system and cause clogs and overflow in your gutter system. Small debris from pollen, needles, and rotting roof tiles can also travel down your gutters. Small animals such as wasps will still enjoy nesting in your gutters, no matter whether you have trees or not. It only makes sense to protect your gutters.

I already have 6” gutters on my home. Will the Gutter Helmet system still work for me?

A lot of the newer homes in North America have the K-Style 6” gutter systems installed from the start. They are installed due to the effectiveness and the attractiveness of the finished look it gives to a home. But since they have a more rounded body to them, they are harder to get clean and it is a lot easier to accumulate debris. The Gutter Helmet system works with many types of gutters to ensure that you have the best protection that your home needs.

Can the Gutter Helmet System stop small animals from nesting in my gutters and causing damage to them?

The answer is in a short word: Absolutely! This is a very common reason that people install the Gutter Helmet System on their homes. When you have a pile of debris in your gutters that is not being cleaned out it turns into an irresistible opportunity for birds, squirrels, bees, and other types of bugs that want to make that their new home. With The Gutter Helmet System, you do not have to have this worry anymore. It will stop all the debris from getting into your gutter system.