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The HEP INC Mission Statement

Let our family take care of your family!

We proudly serve our service areas the way we want our families taken care of. Our mission statement has come from our many years of servicing new and returning customers while adapting to the dynamic needs of our local communities.


The HEP team values and respects customers and their homes and businesses.


We value being trusted with responsibility for our customers’ needs and appreciate all our loyal and new customers.


We are a locally owned business that aims to offer exceptional customer service to home and business owners.


We offer sustainable solutions for our customers’ needs. Our technicians are educated and trained on the latest eco-friendly technology for your home.

Family Owned and Operated

HEP is a family-owned and operated business that values empathy, integrity, and perseverance. Our strong family values have helped us offer the best service to our customers.

To Our:


We aim to deliver grade-A service to every customer while consistently providing high-quality, honest work in a professional and timely manner. Our competitive pricing ensures you’re getting the best rate in the area.


At HEP, our team receives praise for their hard work and dedication. Our technicians, office staff, and management work together to serve our customers and community. We value our employees’ skills, interests, and motivations while also encouraging growth and development.


We have several vendors that help us serve our customers. HEP focuses on building beneficial relationships with our vendors in a way that supports both companies.


Our community can count on us for help with their home or business needs. We currently serve the Greater East Tennessee area and Northern Georgia.

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