Electrical Home Safety Inspection

It is very important to have an electric panel inspection for your East Tennessee home or office did once a year. We also recommend calling for service as soon as you see any warning signs that something could be wrong!

The electrical panel in your home is a safety mechanism for the electrical currents running through your home or office. They will know if more electricity is going to be used in your system than it can safely control. This will trigger the system to automatically shut off the electricity to that location. You may use an electric panel to turn off the electricity for your entire home or office, reset a circuit breaker, or turn off the electricity for specific spaces or rooms. Other than those rare situations that happen in your home, it is usually best to leave the electrical panel alone and let professionals at HEP, INC. help you if there are electrical issues or changes that you want to make.


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You’ll know that you’re in need of an electrical panel inspection if you notice any of the following signs in your home or in your office:
  • Your lights flicker when you flip the light switch
  • Your lights dim when you turn on or plug in an appliance
  • You feel a shock when using a switch or plugging something in
  • You visually see damage to the panel, such as rust

An electrical panel inspection requires the use of extreme caution. It is always a necessary safety measure to protect both the home and the technician working on the inspection. At HEP, INC., we are trained to be able to ensure everyone’s safety while also making the repairs necessary to have your electricity functioning properly.

If at any time you are in need or feel like your home or office might have some of the problems listed above, do not hesitate to call the friendly team here at HEP INC. To help you with setting up an appointment with one of our techs to come out and give you an inspection just reach out to us on social media or give our friendly staff a call at 865-465-9777!

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