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Electrical Home Safety Inspection

It’s crucial to have an electrical panel inspection completed in your home or office annually to identify any potential problems early on. Having a HEP professional perform service is also ideal when you see something that could be wrong.

The electrical panel in your home acts as a safety mechanism for electrical current flows within your house or office. It can detect if your system uses more electricity than it can safely control, automatically triggering the system to shut off electricity to that location. An electrical panel can turn off your entire home or office’s electricity, reset a circuit breaker, or turn off the power to specific spaces or rooms. If you spot any issues regarding your electrical panel, call HEP, and we’ll schedule an inspection time that works for you.


knoxville home electrical repair
Signs you need an electrical panel inspection in your home or office:
  • Flickering lights when you flip the light switch
  • Dimming lights when you turn on or plug in an appliance
  • You feel a shock when using a switch or plugging something into an outlet
  • You see visual damage, such as rust, on the panel

An electrical panel inspection requires the use of extreme caution. Protecting the home and the technician working on the assessment is always necessary. We train our technicians to ensure everyone’s safety while repairing your home’s power. If your home or office has electrical problems, HEP can help.

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