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Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage disposals make our lives easier, and maintenance is only a part of maintaining the unit for its whole service life. For more than 20 years, HEP has specialized in garbage disposal installation and repair for residential and commercial properties.

Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Garbage disposal units can experience various issues, usually detected by smell, sound, or sight. For instance, a disposal that lacks a hum may have overheated and can cause an overfill, leading to tripping a breaker.

Similarly, a garbage disposal unit that is humming, but isn’t working, might have a jam. When the disposal isn’t working, it could mean the blades are stuck, and utensils should never be used to loosen the blades as it can cause more damage and injury.

How to Identify if your Garbage Disposal is Damaged

  • Switched on but not grinding or making noise
  • Clogging that has no apparent source
  • An overheated disposal unit may mean that it has overfilled and tripped the breaker
  • Water is leaking from the disposal, usually leaving a puddle beneath
  • Pungent and persistent odors coming from the sink that rinsing won’t dissipate
  • Shuts off by itself mid-usage
  • Unusual noises when in use, like grinding metal
  • Not working as well as it used to and taking longer to grind



If you are unsure about how to repair a garbage disposal unit, it’s not a good idea to take a chance to hope that you do it right. It is neither safe nor is it a straightforward process. They’re complex machines at best and trying a DIY repair may cause further problems down the line. Plus, trying to fix a garbage disposal yourself can be dangerous, so leave it to the professionals at HEP INC.

To ensure all of our customers have the best possible experience, we ensure that all of our technicians in East Tennessee are fully licensed and insured. With a satisfaction guarantee and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we are confident that you’ll be happy with our service.