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Professional Plumbing Inspections

Whether selling or buying a home or performing preventive maintenance, plumbing inspections are crucial to keeping your systems running smoothly and reducing costly repairs.

During an inspection, plumbers should:

  • Catch any early problems to reduce the risk of damaged pipelines and plumbing systems
  • Eliminate the hassle of delayed work due to clogs and water leaks
  • Avoid more significant water damage, and prevent a drastic increase in your water consumption bill

During a HEP inspection, our technicians will:

  • Check the main water supply’s shut-off valve for defects and damages
  • Ensure the plumbing system is watertight
  • Conduct water piping pressure test
  • Inspect the sewer or drainage lines or septic tank
  • Examine fixtures, supply lines, and drains
plumbing contractor repairing water leak in shower