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Mold loves dark, damp spaces, and chances are, you’ve got plenty of them in your home. So, what’s the big deal? Many people are allergic to mold, and just about anyone can become ill from exposure. What can you do to prevent it from growing in the first place? Find out below.

Caulk to Prevent Seepage

Over time, the caulk used along the borders of a shower stall breaks down and allows moisture to seep into the walls or drip through the cracks to spaces under the floor.

If you use a tub, water that sloshes out onto the floor accidentally can roll under poorly sealed baseboards creating a breeding ground between the boards and the walls. Additionally, old or poorly-installed caulk around window panes and frames allows moisture from rain and dampness into walls. Check the caulk in these areas at the start of each season and replace old and cracked caulk with fresh beads as needed.

Rely on Professional Services

Homeowners often experience mold problems because they think a tiny drip isn’t harmful or that DIY options can fix everything. Seals on drains, pipes, faucets, toilets, radiators, and other water-handling systems fail over time, it’s inevitable. Other materials can also fail from age and defects. Since only a professional technician has the training and tools to detect the first signs of a problem, you must schedule a whole-home plumbing inspection and maintenance appointment at least once a year.

Moisture Removal Systems

Every homeowner should purchase one or more dehumidification systems if you experience high humidity in your area. The upfront cost holding you back? Well, you may be a bit more at ease knowing you can save thousands of dollars in mold remediation services by installing at least portable dehumidifiers in the bathroom and kitchen to deal with condensation.

If your home or an area within it feels damp or has a musty smell, you should also consider permanent solutions, such as a basement floor drain or a sump pump and a whole-home dehumidification system.

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