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Whether you currently have young children or your children are now much older, you know that sometimes they are known to put things in places they don’t belong. One of the prime spots for kids to surprise their parents is with various plumbing fixtures from around the house. Whether it’s the bathroom sink or bathtub, something can always go wrong, especially when it comes to the toilet. If you’re looking to prevent a plumbing disaster from happening, here’s how to avoid a problem.

Show How a Flush Works

If your child is using the “grown-up” toilet, then it’s important to show them that flushing requires only one push on the toilet’s handle. Sometimes, children will be enamored by what a flush can do and will push the handle more than once, which could cause a flood, in a worst-case scenario. To prevent this from happening, make it a rule that they’re only to flush once, or must call you in to flush for them when they’re done.

Turn the Water Valve Off

Just like most plumbing fixtures in your home, a toilet is equipped with a water valve that can be turned off. If your child still thinks the toilet requires multiple flushes or you’re afraid of that pesky potential plumbing problem, then turning this valve off will be your best bet. To do this, you’ll want to locate the water valve, which is typically located behind your toilet, towards the bottom.

Once off, the water will cease flowing to your toilet, and your child won’t be able to flush. However, you will have to turn the valve back on and flush for them, which is better than having water pouring out over the rim of the bowl.

Install a Toilet Seat Lock

If you’re not a fan of shutting the water off, or if your child is still overflushing to see the water run, then it’s best to turn to a toilet seat lock. No, this isn’t like a typical padlock in your backyard, but a little, inexpensive device that will lock the toilet bowl’s lid from opening. Once your child enters the restroom, they won’t be able to open the cover and look at the water. Of course, you’ll need to unlock the lid before they use the bathroom, so it’s wise to tell them to ask you when they have to use the lavatory before another problem occurs.

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