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When you need water heater services, call HEP, Inc. to get it fixed right the first time!

No matter what type of water heater you have, it should be serviced about once a year by a water heater expert. Regular maintenance will protect your investment and keep your energy costs down.

Sediment Build-Up in Your Water Heater

Whether you have a 40-gallon water tank, a 50-gallon water tank, or a 75-gallon water tank, it is important to have it flushed regularly. If you have not flushed out your water heater lately, there is a good chance that sediment has started to build up in your unit.
As water passes through your tanked water heater, the tank accumulates sediment build-up over time. This sediment makes your water heater work harder than it should, and it reduces the overall capacity of your water heater. This causes your water heater to use more energy, thus your electric bill goes up.
If you could take a cross section of your tank water heater and look inside, you would see an accumulation of sediment at the bottom of your tank. You should flush out your water heater at least once a year.

Changing Your Anode Rod

Your water heater’s anode rod should also be inspected and changed regularly. Your anode rod keeps the inside of your water heater from rusting. If you are not sure how to change your anode rod, be sure to call HEP, Inc. for help! We have certified experts standing by and are ready to help when you need us most.
Water heaters might seem like simple pieces of equipment, but with gas, propane and/or electrical lines, repairing and installing a water heater can be a complicated job.

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