How Can Gutter Helmet Work For Your Home?

Did you know that having a gutter helmet can stop you from having gutter maintenance forever with no more ladders? A gutter helmet can also protect your home from water damage. They come in many colors to match any home or office that you want them installed on. They are proudly made In America. But one of the best parts of this is that they are installed by manufacturer-trained and certified technicians.

gutter helmet

What is it that makes the Gutter Helmet system different from a normal gutter system?

Let’s list off the top 7 reasons that The Gutter Helmet system is best for your home!
The Gutter Helmet Gap!

The gutter helmet has a ⅜” gap from the gutter to the helmet. What does this mean? It means that there are no slots or screens to clog. It is also going to keep even the hardest of rain from running out. This gap is also just enough to keep out birds and other debris.

A Ribbed Design

This is made so that the water will slow down and spread. This will cause the water to sheet and not bead, making it much easier for the water to get into the ⅜” gap.

The Coating

This coating that we use will not fade, chalk, or corrode! This coating is a similar type of material to Teflon, It has additives that work to help prevent dirt and other common products from building up.

The Texture you need

The texturing process provides a higher level of strength from a much lighter panel. This helps to reduce the weight and stress on your gutter system. This type of texture also helps with the rainwater performance by as much as 60%!

Gutter Helmet Surface Tension Performance:

Gutter Helmet relies on the principle of surface tension. Rainwater from the roof of your home holds on to the Gutter Helmet as it flows, Then the water goes into the gutter with no obstructions. This makes for the water to move more easily from your roof to your downspout.

The Gutter Helmet Forward Design:

The Gutter Helmet system is made so that it will have the same flush design as the gutter system that it is paired to. This lets the system have no vertical openings for leaves, pine needles, or other types of debris that might get through the system.

How is Gutter Helmet Installed?

Gutter Helmet is installed in your second course of shingles. This helps the system get better water flow into the gutter channel. So, you might be asking if this will void your roofing warranty? The answer to that is a big NO! By installing the Gutter Helmet system, you can go worry-free that it will hurt your roofing warranty in any way. Your manufacturer’s roof warranty will remain 100% valid.

When you get to the point that it is not safe or you just don’t want to get on your roof to clean out your gutters do not hesitate to let your friends here at HEP INC. know so we can help you today! Always remember that you and your family can count on the team here at HEP INC. to be here for you and help you get your new gutter system installed and to set you up on the Gutter Helmet. You can reach us on social media or give our friendly team members a call at 865-465-9777 to set up a time for us to come out today!

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