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Commercial Services

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HEP also does commercial refrigeration and all types of venting for stoves. We recommend heat recovery ventilators, but we also do humidifiers and dehumidifiers. We also do duct work and duct repair.[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”false” class=”cs-ta-left” style=”margin-bottom:10px;letter-spacing: 2px;”]Electrical[/x_custom_headline][cs_text class=”cs-ta-left”]HEP does everything, and of course that includes electrical, and entailed in electrical are the many, many facets of electrical work; this includes wiring. If you’re building isn’t wired properly, you probably know it.

We can also do some fancy tricks with wiring that you might not know about. We also replace electrical panels, so if yours is due (or overdue) for replacement, call HEP and schedule an appointment with us. We also install and replace ceiling fans.

If your business has other needs, like rewiring outlets and replacing switches, we can do that, too. We also do the wiring for your appliances. Everything else electrical is pretty cut and dry. When it breaks, give HEP a call, and we’ll come right out to fix it.[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”false” class=”cs-ta-left” style=”margin-bottom:10px;letter-spacing: 2px;”]Plumbing[/x_custom_headline][cs_text class=”cs-ta-left”]If your plumbing is not done correctly, it can cause some serious problems and, what’s more, be incredibly expensive. That’s why you always want to defer to the experts when it comes piping and pipe repair. The simplest mistake can cause major problems and costs down the line. We install water heaters of all kinds, along with any other need your business might have like toilets, faucets, and sinks.[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”false” class=”cs-ta-left” style=”margin-bottom:10px;letter-spacing: 2px;”]Remodeling[/x_custom_headline][cs_text class=”cs-ta-left”]Remodeling is a stressful project for any business, but HEP makes it a lot easier. We’ve done all kinds of remodeling jobs for all sizes of businesses. If you are unsure of exactly how your want to restructure your building, our ‘HEPers’ will be happy to give you some advice.

Our technicians are the experienced experts. Once you decide on the the plans, we can start the exciting process of implementation. HEP does all kinds of remodeling jobs and that includes bathroom remodeling and general remodeling. So what are you waiting for? Your customers are suffering from inferior design! Call today and HEP commercial services will sort it out for you.[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”false” class=”cs-ta-left” style=”margin-bottom:10px;letter-spacing: 2px;”]Energy Efficiency[/x_custom_headline][cs_text class=”cs-ta-left”]So you claim to be a green business, huh? You put some recycling bins out front, and now you’ve saved the planet? Wrong. Many businesses claim to be “green,” but, if you ask them, they have no idea what they’re doing to save the environment. This is where your business can separate itself from the pack.

If your business is truly “green,” customers will appreciate your dedication to helping save the environment and will open their wallets for you. The environment is a true concern, and, if you protect it, your customers will notice.

So where do you start? First, check out our green videos. Then make sure that your building envelope is sealed. After that, you make sure that you have adequate insulation, and that means going beyond what code requires. Next, make sure your windows and doors are energy efficient and start using ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are much more energy efficient than your air conditioning unit, saving you money on your electric bill. All right, so now you’ve got a start on greening your business, but it doesn’t stop there.

Be sure that your water heater is energy efficient. Your old water heater may be costing you more money than a new unit. If your business is of any size at all, you’re probably going to want to go tankless.

After that, take a look at your business and see any places where you can save energy. Not only will your customers notice the changes you’ve made, but these changes can also save you money every month in energy costs. Make sure you think outside the box!

So now your business is officially green, but if you’re really adamant about saving the environment, you can install solar panels or find out how you can use other renewable energy sources.[/cs_text][x_gap size=”50px”][/cs_column][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/3″ style=”padding: 0px;”][cs_text][text-blocks id=”schedule-button”][/cs_text][x_widget_area sidebar=”sidebar-main” ][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][cs_section parallax=”false” class=”cs-ta-center” style=”margin: 40px 0px 0px;padding: 0px;”][cs_row inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” style=”margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;”][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″ style=”padding: 0px;”][cs_text]Call HEP Services for all your home improvement needs![/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]