Do You Have a Leaking Toilet?

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A leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. That can add up to a significant increase in your utility bill. There’s a simple way you can check for a leak in your toilet.  Steps to check if your toilet is leaking: Remove the lid from the tank and drop around ten drops of food coloring into the water in the tank. Put the lid back on and wait around 15 minutes.  Then take a look …

Hygiene Habits That Can Be Bad for Your Plumbing

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You may not usually think about the status of your plumbing in your morning rush or your nighttime routine, but some of the things you do every day can be damaging to your pipes. Here are a few, and ways you can change things up.  Non-flushable Wipes  When removing your makeup at the end of the day, do you use a liquid remover or wipes? There are standard makeup wipes, and some even use baby wipes. But when you are …

Tips To Avoid A Halloween Plumbing Nightmare

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It’s almost Halloween! As you get ready to dress up, watch scary movies, and participate in all the fun fall activities, there is one Halloween tradition you will want to be careful with. When carving pumpkins this year, keep pumpkin pulp and seeds away from your garbage disposal. How can you prevent Halloween plumbing problems and still have a festive jack-o-lantern? 1. You can make cleanup simple by laying down some newspaper before you begin carving! When you’re finished, wrap …

How to Avoid the Pipes Gripes!

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Clogged drains, blocked toilets, dripping faucets and leaky pipes – if you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably dealt with one or more of these issues. It’s good to know how to handle the small stuff and spot a problem, so we’re going to share some helpful advice from our master plumbers at HEP. First of all, know how to handle the minor issues. If the toilet’s about to overflow, turn the water supply off and make sure you’ve got a plunger. …

Case Study: The Forlorn Water Heater

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It’s time for a case study! Today, we’re going to stress the importance of how a little maintenance can go a long way, and how failing to do so can have dangerous consequences… Let’s investigate the case of the forlorn water heater. Our technicians received a call about a water heater that had burst into flames. Now, this isn’t an everyday occurrence. Right away, our team of master plumbers were on the scene and ready to deduce what had happened.