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Fall is around the corner! As it gets colder this season, HEP Services wants to make sure your home is fully prepared for when it gets colder during the Winter. Here are some “ninja tip tricks” to prepare your home for the cold weather.

The reason why you want to prepare your home for the cold weather, is to SAVE MONEY! The financial benefits of organizing your home prior to the colder season will make you think twice about why you haven’t done some of this stuff before. What better time than now to get started on winter weather preparation?

Heat Pump Preparation

The first thing that HEP recommends to everyone is to prepare your heat pump, because it will be used a lot in December! All you have to do, is check the heat pump and make sure it isn’t blocked by anything else in the house. You will want to remove any debris around the unit so the air can properly circulate. Another good tip is to have your heat pump inspected every year around this time while it’s still warm outside

A Few Plumbing Tips

Once when the cold weather arrives, you will want to roll up the garden hoses and store them in the garage. If you have pipes in your home that are prone to freeze in the winter, you should also consider wrapping them up with heat tape, because that can easily minimize a leak if they end up bursting!

Clean Out Your Gutters!

Another simple trick is to clean out the gutters! Clogged gutters can form ice dams that create a whole other level of mess! Your drainage system will not work properly, and can lead to water seeping into your house. Save yourself from a disaster waiting to happen by cleaning out the gutters early in the fall!

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