REME HALO In-Duct Air Purifier

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When you are at home and binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, you obviously want to make sure you have clean air in the living room, right? Proper air purification in your home is a huge importance, and if you’re stuck to the television after work, you will be breathing that air for a few hours! The good news is that the future of indoor air quality is here! The REME HALO In-duct air purifier is a solution for …

Maintaining Your Septic System

brad Septic Systems

When should you get your septic tank pumped? According to, they recommend that your septic system should be pumped once in every three years for homes that do not have a garbage disposal. If you do have a garbage disposal in your home, it should be pumped every year! Nonetheless maintaining your septic tank is a very important task if you want to save some money. Here are some tips for maintaining your septic system!

Prepare Your Home for the cold weather

brad Winter Weather

Fall is around the corner! As it gets colder this season, HEP Services wants to make sure your home is fully prepared for when it gets colder during the Winter. Here are some “ninja tip tricks” to prepare your home for the cold weather. The reason why you want to prepare your home for the cold weather, is to SAVE MONEY! The financial benefits of organizing your home prior to the colder season will make you think twice about why …

Who Invented The Toilet?

brad Case Study

Throughout history, humanity has witnessed great inventors such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Leonardo da Vinci. One innovative mastermind you probably have never heard of, however, is a man named Sir John Harington. Who was this guy anyways? Next time you sit on “the john”, just ask yourself who invented the toilet. The answer to this question is Sir John Harington!

Roofing With HEP Is On The Way

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HEP Is On The Way is a proud Platinum Preferred roofing contractor with Owens Corning! Our technicians are required to carry workman’s compensation insurance and general liability insurance information. One thing that we can guarantee you is quality roofing done at a fair price! Our roofing specialists have years of experience in the roofing industry and know exactly what to look for! Before you decide to invest your time into a new roof, here is some information on the asphalt …