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HEP Inc is offering $150 off water heater replacements! What better way to go than the Navien 240a multi thermal water heater? HEP Inc installs these premium-quality water heaters and will customize the installation according to your plumbing needs. Here are some benefits of our Navien water heater models:

• Eco-friendly water heater that reduces greenhouse gas emissions
• Easy-to-use digital control panel
• 80% smaller than old-fashioned tank heaters to free up space
• In comparison to other tankless water heaters

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If you are a homeowner, then you probably understand the value of hot water in your home…you can thank your water heater for that luxury! If you are also interested in replacing your water heater and do not have the finances to afford it, HEP Inc offers financing options to those who have fair credit.

HEP Inc offers 24/7 emergency service and guarantees insured work. our extensive list of plumbing services also includes water heater repairs and other common plumbing needs. For more information on what services HEP covers in your area, check out our service area page!

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