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Lenoir City Roofing

Lenoir City Asphalt Shingle Experts

The most commonly used materials for roof installations just so happen to be asphalt shingles, so here is some good news for you: HEP SPECIALIZES in asphalt roofing! HEP performs installations with premium quality synthetic underlayment to promote durability and water-resistance. This will allow your roof to stay protected during some hefty weather![

Comparison Three-Tab Shingles Dimensional Shingles
Price Less Expensive More Expensive
Durability Thin, not as durable Two bonded layers together provides more protection
Lifetime Lifetime of 15-20 years Lifetime of 24-30 years
Long-term value On the decline in popularity, home value will stay stagnant or decrease. Home value increases as the demand is high

High-Quality Synthetic Underlayment

Whether you decide you want to go with a dimensional or three-tab option, HEP uses Owens Corning synthetic underlayment for all of our roof installations!

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Enhanced water-resistance
  • Resistant to rotting and cracking

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