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When you are at home and binge watching your favorite show on Netflix, you obviously want to make sure you have clean air in the living room, right? Proper air purification in your home is a huge importance, and if you’re stuck to the television after work, you will be breathing that air for a few hours!

The good news is that the future of indoor air quality is here! The HEP Whole-Home In-duct air purifier is a solution for an entire home’s air purification. This system uses indoor air quality technology (IAQ) to purify every inch of air that your air conditioning system reaches.

The HEP Whole-Home Air Purification System uses reflective electro magnetic energy to sweep through your home, and actively purifies pollutants at the source! Most central air conditioners use passive air technologies-which needs pollutants to pass through for filtration.

Here are some of the great benefits to the HEP Whole-Home Air Purification System:

• Helps those who have allergies and respiratory issues
• Eliminates contaminants in the air and on surfaces
• Kills up to 99% of mold and bacteria
• Provides entire house purification
• Customization for adjusting the output
• Reduces sneeze germs

Does this air purification system sound convincing yet? The best part is that an installation won’t break the bank either! If you are considering the HEP Whole-Home Air Purification System or are looking for an installation, HEP Is On The Way! Click here to schedule an appointment today!

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