Spring is Here

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Spring Is Here

HEP offers an exclusive maintenance agreement package that will cover all of your home needs for a whole year! Including 5 preventative maintenance inspections and 20% off flat rate repairs, this exclusive offer will allow us to keep your home safe throughout the year!

Here are some spring cleaning tips:

• Weather in Tennessee can be brutal at times. It can be so brutal in fact, that your roof might have lost a few shingles during the roughest parts this past season. Inspect your roof for any potential issues you can identify such as: damaged or missing shingles, foundation problems, rotted sections, missing nails or clogged gutters.

• Inspect your water heater and check for leaks, rust, or any signs of damage.

• Test your outdoor utilities! From your electrical outlets by the porch to the faucets you will want to check for damage and have them repaired if so.

• The interior filters of your air conditioning system should be replaced every 3 months so if you haven’t checked them recently I would get on top of that!

• Get your coils cleaned! After taking some punches from the Winter mayhem your system might need some recovery. The benefit for maintaining clean coils will be a more effective system and could potentially save you money in the long run!

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