Navien Water Heaters

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HEP Inc is offering $150 off water heater replacements! What better way to go than the Navien 240a multi thermal water heater? HEP Inc installs these premium-quality water heaters and will customize the installation according to your plumbing needs. Here are some benefits of our Navien water heater models: If you are a homeowner, then you probably understand the value of hot water in your home…you can thank your water heater for that luxury! If you are also interested in …

Water Pipes: How To Prevent A Leak

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Understanding what type of plumbing system you have in your home is just as important as making sure you have milk in the fridge! The reason being, is because the lifespan of your home plumbing system will depend on what type of pipes you have. Over the next few decades, the United States of America is projected to spend as much as 1 trillion dollars in distribution pipe supply repairs. The age of water pipes only grow older, and the …

Trenchless Plumbing Benefits

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Damaged sewer lines and drains are common issues for every professional plumber. A sewage pipe can become more difficult to repair as the pipes in your home become older in age, and eventually, your pipe system can blow up! If this happens, you will want to know how much it will cost to fix the damage, and how big of a trench are the plumbers going to create in your backyard. The good news is that there is a solution …

Reasons Why You Could Get A Pipe Bursting In Your Home

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You wake up on Wednesday morning, it’s about 6:00 A.M., and as you get ready to leave for work you notice that a water pipe is leaking in your house. A pipe can burst in the worst of times, but then again, when is there ever a good time for this endeavor? Here are some reasons why you might have a busted pipe:

Water You Going to Do About Filtration?

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 In Case You Didn’t H2Know about Water Filtration… Water is one of the most important elements of our lives. In fact, human beings are roughly 50-65% water. We use water for all kinds of activities – drinking, cooking, cleaning, etc. That’s why it’s important that you have the proper water filtration to keep out contaminants, pollutants, chemicals (like pesticides and pharmaceuticals) and debris (including heavy metals like lead and iron).  That way, your water tastes better, your houseplants don’t get …