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The most commonly used materials for roof installations just so happen to be asphalt shingles, so here is some good news for you: HEP SPECIALIZES in asphalt roofing! HEP performs installations with premium quality synthetic underlayment to promote durability and water-resistance. This will allow your roof to stay protected during some hefty weather!

Comparison Three-Tab Shingles Dimensional Shingles
Price Less Expensive More Expensive
Durability Thin, not as durable Two bonded layers together provides more protection
Lifetime Lifetime of 15-20 years Lifetime of 24-30 years
Long-term value On the decline in popularity, home value will stay stagnant or decrease. Home value increases as the demand is high

High-Quality Synthetic Underlayment

Whether you decide you want to go with a dimensional or three-tab option, HEP uses Owens Corning synthetic underlayment for all of our roof installations!

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Enhanced water-resistance
  • Resistant to rotting and cracking
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