Avoiding Issues When Using Caulk

Diana Waldeck Uncategorized

While weatherizing your home, you may be fixing up cracks and gaps in exterior walls, stopping drafts in windows or doors, or adding insulation. All of this is good, but be sure you follow these steps to ensure a job correctly done. 

  1. Choose the right type of caulk. Look for 100% silicone to protect against water leakage as well as sealing. It is permanently waterproof, flexible, and shrink or crack-proof, so it’s better than acrylic. 
  2. Do a walkthrough of your basement and/or attic to make sure everything is sealed properly. 
  3. Remove old caulk before applying new. All you need is a razor blade. 
  4. Make sure you finish the job. Tooling or smoothing the caulk along the seam ensures a tight seal. 

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