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You may not usually think about the status of your plumbing in your morning rush or your nighttime routine, but some of the things you do every day can be damaging to your pipes. Here are a few, and ways you can change things up. 

Non-flushable Wipes 

When removing your makeup at the end of the day, do you use a liquid remover or wipes? There are standard makeup wipes, and some even use baby wipes. But when you are finished, do you toss the wipe away, or do you flush it? Flushing these types of wipes can be very bad for your system as they can cause clogs and do not break down. Sometimes brands will even claim a wipe to be flushable when, in fact, it isn’t even biodegradable. It is always best to throw wipes away in the trash can rather than flushing them to avoid some serious problems in the future. 

Face and Body Scrubs

Exfoliating face and body scrubs can be a big problem, as well. Many of these skincare products use things like coffee grinds or plastics in large amounts that won’t dissolve or disintegrate over time. This leads to build up and clogs over time. To avoid this, you can look for face or body scrubs that contain natural ingredients to exfoliate. This will be great for your skin and even better for your plumbing. 

Coconut Oil

This has become increasingly popular for a multitude of different reasons. But if you’re using it for face, hair, or mouth, flushing it down the drain can be bad for your pipes. At cooler temperatures (below 76 degrees), coconut oil is in a solid-state. Your pipes are often cooler than this, so when you put it into your pipes, it can solidify, get mixed up with hair or other debris, and cause major clogs. 

Shaving Into the Sink

While your shower likely has a trap to stop excess hair from getting into your pipes, not all sinks do. Shaving into the sink allows all the hair to go directly down the drain and can build up with soap scum or other debris to cause significant clogs. Consider shaving over a towel and shaking it out outside when you’re done to avoid this problem.

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