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Humidity is not exclusive to wet, sticky, summer air. There is always humidity in the air, and an imbalance of humidity in your home can reduce air quality. A humidifier is, of course, the easiest way to do this. But if you fail to clean your humidifier (and it does require regular cleaning), it can lead to bacteria and mold growth. So, here are some natural solutions, as well. 

Cooking on the Stove

Using your stove to make tasty dishes will produce natural moisture into the air and increase the humidity in your home. Remember, though, to use the cooking vents on the stove since even electric stove release small amounts of carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses. 

Air Dry Clothes Indoors

Hang your clothes to dry inside. Drape them over doors or string them along a pop-up drying rack anywhere that the air is particularly dry. You will naturally release more moisture into the air and also save money by not running the dryer. 

Place Bowls Around the House

Fill bowls with water and place them in dry spots around the house. This will help release moisture into the air. Additionally, boiling water on the stove or running a hot shower with the drain plugged can quickly release some vapor. You don’t want to waste tons of water doing this, though, so you shouldn’t rely on these for long periods of time. 

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