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We can also infer that a variety of houseplants, while smelling nice, will also add a relatively pleasant scent to the home that will make your and your family happy to spend time indoors on a cold day. Oregano, basil, thyme, lavender, rosemary – the list goes on and on.

I’m not sure what it is about winter, but I tend to develop more of a green thumb around this time of year. When it starts getting cold, I bring most of my plants indoors. And then I go out and get some more. We tend to spend a bit more time indoors during the colder seasons, and it’s nice to have a few lively plants around the house or apartment that not only look beautiful, but smell great as well. Let’s dive into the aromatics!

  1. Geraniums – These plants come in a variety of different scents. They produce multicolored flowers and are very easy to care for.
  2. Paperwhites – Super easy to grow, and they’re part of the daffodil family.
  3. Jasmine – Beautiful white flowers that can also be used to make tea.
  4. Orchids – These are popular and fairly easy to care for. There are many different orchids that come in a variety of colors and fragrances.
  5. Gardenias – Produces lovely white flowers and a strong floral scent. There are over 100 different species to choose from, so you’ve got options!
Aromatic houseplants such as orchids make a lovely addition to the home.

Orchids make for a lovely addition to your home.

We can’t forget herbs! These have very unique scents and flavors and are super useful in the kitchen.

  1. Rosemary – You can cook with it, it smells great, it can grow to amazing sizes and it’s VERY hardy. You can leave a well-established plant in a pot in the winter and it won’t die. If you plant it outside, it can get up to 5 feet tall!
  2. Basil – Another herb that smells great and can be added to a variety of dishes. Just be sure to prune it regularly, because basil plants die once they produce flowers.
  3. Mint – The leaves smell great and can be made to make tea. Good for cooking or adding to drinks. You can chew the leaves straight from the plant. Easy to grow, too.
  4. Thyme – Aromatic, great for cooking, and comes in a wide variety of species. For a strong citrus smell/flavor, I’d recommend lemon thyme. It’s great with chicken!
  5. Lavender – It smells wonderful, it’s good for cooking and it has lovely purple flowers. They’re also easy to care for – you only have to water them about once a month. There’s a recipe for lavender and Earl Grey cupcakes
Some aromatic houseplants have additional benefits - mint, for instance, can go in drinks and food!

Add a refreshing kick to your tea or cocktails with a couple mint leaves.

Keep in mind that these plants each have different needs, so be sure to do your homework before bringing one into your home. All of these plants require a lot of sunlight, too.

So there you have it! These plants will not only help to keep the air clean in your home – they’ll add character and some very lovely smells.

Are you ready to combat poor air quality with the big guns? We’ve got a wide variety of air filtration systems, like the REME HALO and Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner. Check out our air quality blog post to learn more.

If you have questions or would like to know more about the products and services we offer, we’re just a phone call away!

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