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If you find yourself running out of hot water mid-way through your shower, chances are the temperature is a bit low. If the water comes out scalding hot, the temperature is probably too high. So what are you going to do about it? Adjust the temperature! You’ll find that it’s quite an easy process.

1. Turn off the power. This is the first step when adjusting the temperature on an electric water heater. It’s the best way to avoid getting a shock! Find the circuit breakers that control the water heater, and flip them to the “Off” position.

2. Remove the covers.  You’re going to need to remove both the thermostat and the heating element covers. You’ll most likely need a Phillips head screwdriver for this task, though some water heaters have a simple latch holding the cover in place. Once the covers are out, gently remove the insulation to expose the thermostat.

3. Without touching or moving any of the wires, press the “Reset” button and use a flathead screwdriver to adjust the knobs that control the water heater’s temperature. 120 F is usually a suitable temperature for your home. However, if you aren’t getting enough hot water, turn it up to 130 F.

 4. Once you’ve adjusted the temperature, replace the insulation, replace the covers, and secure them. Flip the breaker to turn the water heater back on, and let the electric water heater do its thing! 

Note: If you live in an old building or have an old gas-powered water heater, changing the temperature is usually as simple as adjusting the knob set into the front of the boiler. Gas boilers are generally easier to adjust. This is a simple adjustment that you can make on your own. After doing it a couple of times, you’ll realize how quick and easy it is, and you’ll get the hang of it.

If this doesn’t change the water temperature or give you more hot water, don’t try to fiddle with the water heater yourself, but call in a plumber who knows how to handle faulty or defective water heaters. The last thing you want is to damage your water heater, as repairs can be pricey and complicated. 

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