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Your toothbrush is a part of your everyday routine. Your ticket to pearly whites and fresh breath each morning. But where are you storing your toothbrush when you’re done with it? It would be best to keep your toothbrush away in a cabinet or drawer, and here’s why: 

Dirty Counter

Excess water from your hands can create harmful bacteria if not dried from the counter. Between bathroom cleanings and when guests are present, your counters can get pretty dirty. Bacteria can travel up onto your toothbrush and into your bristles. 

Falling/Getting Knocked Off

Whether it’s just you or multiple people use your bathroom, there’s always the chance of knocking your toothbrush to the floor accidentally. You can sanitize it, but that might not be enough, and why go through the hassle? 

Flushing Your Toilet

If you don’t keep the lid closed when you flush, particles from the bowl will get into the air and can land on your toothbrush. This causes a breeding ground for bacteria over time and is generally just not a pleasant thought when going to brush your teeth.

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