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Whether it’s just you or you have a house full of guests, laundry is one thing that can really ramp up your utility bill. We have some tips for you to save energy on laundry and make your wallet a little bit happier. 

  1. Although you may be tempted to wash a few clothing pieces you really like, you should always wait for a full load. Even though you can change the load to small on the washer, using less water, the more small loads you do, the more water you’re using up. If you wait for one full load, you’ll be using less electricity by only running the machine once. 
  2. Using warm or hot water costs you more because your water heater has run to heat that water. Using cold water costs around 5 cents and will save you a noticeable amount compared to the roughly 70 cents it takes to use hot water.
  3. If you have a spin cycle option on your dryer, choose the faster option. Clothes will dry quicker the faster they spin. 
  4. Make sure you clean the lint trap after every load. Not only will your clothes dry faster this way, but you’ll use less energy than if the screen is dirty, and you’ll reduce your risk of catching all that dry lint on fire.

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