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Winter can be a busy time of year and can also mean big utility bills for your home. There are a few changes you can make, though, in your home maintenance habits to save money on your monthly bills. Keep these things in mind during the cold seasons. 

Seasonal Savings Tips:

Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up – With a simple service call, you can make sure that your heating system is working correctly, meaning that you’ll spend less money on heating bills and potential future repairs.

Insulating the Attic – Warm air can rise and leak out of your home through the attic. Make sure your home is well insulated. 

Close Doors to Drafty Rooms – One very easy way to save some money is to close off rooms with drafty windows or rooms not used as frequently. It will save you money and help keep the rest of your home warm. 

Curtains Curtains Curtains – Curtains help keep the heat within your home. When a window lacks curtains, your home can become significantly colder on gloomy, sunless days. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference adding some inexpensive curtains will make. 

Programmable or Smart Thermostats – Newer thermostats make it possible to adjust the temperature so that while you’re home, it’s comfortable, and while you’re away, you can save money. Program your thermostat to turn off while you’re away and to turn on before you get home, so it’s comfortable when you arrive. 

Replace Damaged Weatherstripping -Check to make sure the weatherstripping around your front door and windows isn’t cracked. The weatherstripping protects your home from cold air and drafts.

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