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If your heating unit is always on, it may raise your energy bill and your fireplace can only heat your home to a certain extent. If you are looking for ways to stay warm this winter without breaking the budget or cranking the thermostat up, here are some ideas: 

Replace Your Filter

Replacing your furnace filter approximately every four years provides you with the best heating results.

Opening the Blinds

If your home gets a decent amount of sunlight every day, you should let it shine through. Pull back your curtains and open those blinds. Sunlight is an excellent source of warmth for your home and keeps your house from feeling too gloomy during the colder months. 

Clear Your Vents

If you have any furniture blocking your vents, consider moving it. Obstructing the path for heat to reach you and the rest of your room is a problem if you want to get the most out of your unit. Use this as an opportunity to redesign your layout and get a fresh new look while also maximizing the efficiency of your heating system. 

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