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A broken thermostat can be very frustrating, but when it comes to your thermostat, there is a range of negative factors that can hinder the unit’s overall performance, leading you to think that it may be broken when, in fact, it is not. If you are unsure whether or not your thermostat is broken, or if other factors may be diminishing its performance, keep in mind the below information that could relate to your issue.

Changing Your Filters

A common issue, with regards to potentially broken thermostats, are dirty filters. Think about your filters as the windows in your home. When a window is closed, no air will come into your home; however, when a window is open, air will spill in as wanted. Much the same as a blocked pipe, having a soiled filter inside your home’s unit will send incorrect signals to your thermostat, which will make your warming/cooling unit not work as required. If an air filter is dirty, it won’t let hot/cold air leak through. If your air filters are changed and cleaned as necessary, your thermostat will function properly and will provide you with the desired results.

Unit Placement

Although many units are installed in the correct area, some are not. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind before attaching the thermostat to the wall. Think of your thermostat as a thermometer. Before your thermostat processes, your request for a temperature setting it will detect the current room temperature.

For this reason, the location is essential. If a thermostat is near a door or window with a draft, then it will detect that your room is colder than it is, and likewise, if it is placed away from windows and doors, it will read the room’s temperature more accurately. If a thermostat is placed correctly, then it should function as desired.

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