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Are you noticing drafts from your windows? This is a common problem that will create a high energy bill and also a cold room. There is, however, a quick and easy fix for this.

How to Insulate Your Windows:

1. Adding window caulk around your windows will help seal any gaps and create an airtight seal, eliminating those drafts. 

2. Plastic weather stripping along the sides of the windows can also help. Buy strips of self-stick rubber weather stripping and cut them to size to seal up a drafty window.

3. Window insulation film is another option and a quick fix for windows that you don’t open very often. Keep in mind that once the film is applied, you will not be able to open and close the window and is something that will need to be completed each winter again, but it may be suitable for cooler basements or infrequently used rooms in your home.

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