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Whether you’re doing dishes, laundry, or taking a shower, one of the most significant necessities in a home is hot water. And while it is necessary, there is the potential for it to get too hot, which could lead to injury. Keep in mind these hot water safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

  • It is important to turn all faucets and fixtures on the lowest setting when trying to find comfortable and safe temperatures. If you twist the fixture too much for the water to run rapidly, you can easily elevate the temperature of your water. If you turn the fixtures a minimal amount, you’ll save water and avoid any overly hot water from splashing.
  •  It’s important to let the water run in the tub/shower first before bathing your children or a pet. Sometimes when you turn on the hot water, the temperature will increase quickly and can cause burns. Look for the water to be lukewarm and comfortable. Do this before placing your child or dog in the tub to avoid any injury. 
  • If you’re worried the water might be too hot in your home, you may want to turn the temperature down on your water heater altogether. It’s best to keep the temperature below 130 degrees to avoid any risk of being burnt by hot water. Lowering your water heater temperature can also lower your monthly water bill. Making the water in your home safe and also saving money is a win-win. 

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