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  • Check your outdoor pipes. Some homes have an irrigation system, and if yours does, fall is the best time to insulate your pipes and make sure any outdoor valves you won’t be using are shut off. Check for leaks as well and make repairs before it gets colder and you risk ice forming and bursting your pipe. 
  • Apply weatherstripping to your doors and window frames. This is affordable and will actually save you money on your energy bill during the colder months. 
  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors to protect your household from gas leaks. Replace the batteries and ensure it is still functioning. To do this, hold down the test button. You can check your instruction manual to ensure proper functionality. 
  • Get an HVAC tune-up to ensure your home will be as cozy as you wish. This will ensure your heater is cleaned and prepped, so you’re ready for those chilly days ahead.

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