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Giving your home a deep cleaning in the fall is such a good idea. Holidays are approaching, and if you tend to host parties, getting ahead of the cleanup curve is a great idea. It is also beneficial for your HVAC system that you do a thorough cleaning in the fall. Here’s how:

Let In Some Fresh Air 
Although the summer sun may not be warming you up any longer, an autumn breeze shouldn’t keep you away from the windows. When you let fresh air into your home, it not only freshens the space, but it will help rid unnecessary allergens from the air before they have a chance to sneak into your filters.

Clean Heating Vents
Doing a deep fall cleaning will prevent germs from spreading. And what’s better than knowing your home is clean and spotless! Wipe down heating vents such as those in your living room or any other heavily used rooms. The warm surfaces contain the most dander and dust and can even present a fire hazard if allowed to build up too much. Use a microfiber cloth and wipe away the residue. It’s as simple as that! Do not use chemical cleaners, however, on your vents. 

Freshen Your Fabric 
It is essential to wash your bedsheets (and other linens such as blankets or pillows on your couch) at least once a month. Especially your bedsheets as they absorb dead skin cells and over time, if left unwashed, could attract bed bugs or could simply create allergen particles that could go airborne when you fluff your blankets to make your bed. Maintaining clean sheets will prevent unwanted guests and allergens and make your sleep that much more comforting because after all, who doesn’t love that fresh, clean sheet smell at bedtime?

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