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HEP Builds New Dugouts for
Farragut Baseball Ballpark

The fall is here, and the weather’s getting colder. Unfortunately, that means that baseball season is almost over, but here at HEP, we’re already thinking about the first pitch of next season!

Farragut This fall, HEP has partnered with Farragut Baseball, Inc., Farragut’s non-profit recreational youth baseball program, to build new dugouts for their baseball players at Knox County’s Farragut Baseball Ballpark. HEP is also donating money to Farragut Baseball, Inc.

Some of the old dugouts at the Farragut baseball field were made out of plywood and oriented strand board (OSB). HEP repaired them and installed new colored metal on 5 dugouts. HEP’s specially trained technicians even built new roofs over four dugouts.

Help HEP Raise Money for Farragut’s Youth Baseball Program

Here at HEP, we know how important sports are for children’s physical and mental development, so we want every child to be able to play America’s national pastime and make new friends in the process. That’s why we’re offering a special promotion to help raise money for the baseball program. This money will help Farragut Baseball get more kids involved in playing baseball recreationally.

  • When you call us for a service call, mention Farragut Baseball and we’ll donate $5 to the baseball team.
  • If you sign a service agreement, we’ll throw in an additional $5 to the baseball team.
  • When you use HEP for a relatively large home renovation project that costs $3,000 or more, HEP will donate $100 to the baseball team.

About Farragut Baseball, Inc.

Located in West Knoxville, Farragut Baseball has been a staple of the
community since the 1990s. The ballpark is located off Northshore Drive. Approximately 1,300 boys and girls are involved with Farragut Baseball every year, making it a thriving baseball program for kids in the area. The baseball program welcomes kids from 3 to 18 years of age. For more information on the baseball program, visit its website.

Remember, when you call HEP to schedule your service call, mention Farragut Baseball and HEP will donate money to help the youth baseball league.

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Want HEP to Raise Money for Your Son or Daughter’s Sporting Team? Contact Us Today!

At HEP, we believe that sports are an important part of every child’s life and we love to give back to our community, so if you’re interested in having HEP donate to your child’s sports team, please email HEP’s Abram Miller at [email protected].