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There are a lot of problems around the house, but some to-dos, specifically electrical, are better off left to a professional.

Hanging a painting or adding newly refinished furniture to a home are great DIY projects. But other areas, like electrical work and roofing, require a professional’s knowledge and experience.

The perfect option is to call HEP Services and let one of our great service technicians assist you.

Frequently Tripping Circuit Breaker?

Circuit breakers tripping frequently, mild shocks when you touch an appliance, hot ceiling fixtures, and flickering lights are common symptoms that point to serious problems with your electrical system.

Call HEP Services as soon as possible to get a professional electrician out to your home and fix your problem today!

Odor Coming From Your Outlets?

Also, strange odors coming from your electrical outlets or or malfunctioning outlets may indicate you have a serious problem with your electrical wiring. The wiring may be loose, or cracked internally. If you notice any of these issues, stay on the safe side and give us a call.

Trying to make electrical repairs as an amateur could result in a fire in your home, putting you in danger and possibly voiding your home warranty. Different states have different requirements, and our technicians at HEP are trained for the safety codes in Tennessee.

The HEP Maintenance Agreement Includes an Electrical Inspection Every Year

We also have a great maintenance agreement that involves 1 electrical visit per year, 2 HVAC visits, 1 plumbing visit and 1 roofing visit. You get these 5 inspections for only $99 per year. Not only are your electrical needs addressed, but we will closely examine other areas for potential issues.