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Tankless water heaters are just as prone to developing issues as any other water heater type. And just like any other water heater type, tankless water heaters are liable to suffer quite a bit of damage before whatever problem that’s plaguing them gets noticed.

The best way to deal with any tankless water heater problems is to catch them early so that as much damage can be prevented as possible. Take a look at some of the following reasons why it’s a good idea to schedule tankless water heater maintenance at least once a year.

Locating Leaks

Leaks can start small when it comes to water heaters, but they rarely stay small. If a leak manages to escape your notice at first, it might be able to grow large enough to cause some serious issues before you can have it fixed. Depending on the location, a leak can cause pipe ruptures, circulation pump malfunctions, and a host of other problems. This is why it’s so important to have a professional go over every inch of your system consistently. The earlier the leak is caught, the less likely it will be to grow into something larger and more threatening to the system.

Sediment Buildup

Over time, sediment is likely to build up in the heat exchanger of the system. This is more likely to happen if the home already has a hard water problem, but that is by no means required. This is especially common in areas where high levels of minerals in the water (hard water) are the norm. Eventually, the sediment buildup will become bad enough that it will significantly restrict the flow of water through the heat exchanger. This can cause a wide range of issues, from loss of output to pipe ruptures. A maintenance appointment will include flushing out the system to remove sediment buildup. If there is enough sediment already built up in the system that it cannot be removed by simply flushing it out, it can be manually scraped out.


Any system that deals with water regularly is going to have to deal with rust at some point. There’s not much you can do to prevent rust from building up on your system completely, but regular maintenance will go a long way towards keeping any oxidization to a minimum. That’s important when it comes to preventing issues like efficiency loss or breakdowns caused by parts becoming weakened.

When to Schedule Maintenance

Maintenance for water heaters is not quite the same as with climate control systems. Unlike heaters and air conditioners, water heaters do not have seasons where they’re put under more strain than at other times of the year. So, it’s not quite as important when maintenance is scheduled for your water heater. It is only important that you plan it at least once a year.

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