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We all know to wash our veggies before cooking them, but is regular tap water the best way? Here are some reasons why you should consider using filtered water instead. 

  • When you have a lovely meal out, besides the atmosphere and company, you may realize that any produce on your plate tastes clean and fresh. Besides complying with local health codes, many professional chefs will only use filtered water to make sure that their produce is as clean as possible. Not only does treated water help produce and food tastes ten times better, but it also has a better chance of making sure what you’re about to eat is much safer than something that was run under standard tap water.
  • Typically, when produce is cleaned off by most distributors, there are a series of products or chemicals that will clean the food and make it a tad more sanitary to be consumed. However, this isn’t always the best option, especially for those that want to make sure that the raw greens will be safe for consumption. Unfortunately, using untreated tap water won’t be the best way to keep your produce clean. If other contaminants are lurking in your water supply, then those will have a higher chance of being absorbed by your produce.

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