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Your sink could cause you problems down the road if you don’t keep an eye on it. Leaks and drips are sounds of a could be broken sink. Let’s look at some signs that indicate you might need a replacement. 


Let’s start with what seems obvious. Clearly outdated sinks. Those awesome blue, pink, or yellow sinks that used to be a trend could be on their way out of your home due to water waste and bad functionality. If in doubt, swap it out. Sometimes these older sinks, while colorful and fun, just don’t function as well, and if you don’t know how long the sink has been there or what upgrades have been done, it could be better just to find a new “fun” sink to replace it with. At the very least, you will save water by upgrading to a newer model. 

Wear and Tear

Does your sink have physical damage? Chips in the basin cracks forming up the side or other signs of wear are all reasons to assess the situation. If you’re unsure but feel like you might need a replacement, you can always call a professional. 

Frequent Repairs

If you always have to schedule repairs for your sink, this is a sign. Whether it won’t retain water or is clogged continuously, this means you should probably have your sink replaced. Your sink shouldn’t have to be repaired regularly. 

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