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It’s time to start your springtime home improvement projects, and what better way to kick them off than by rearranging your bathroom to maximize space? Keeping a few important design ideas in mind, like creating consistency and focusing on functional areas, you’ll be able to transform any small bathroom.

Reduce Clutter In The Center

Having a small bathroom can be hard enough, and if you fill it with unnecessary accessories, it can make you feel even more cramped. Leave the middle of the room as open as possible by placing the sink, makeup area, bathtub, and shower along the perimeter. Keeping the idea of creating functional areas in mind will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Master Ensuites That Flow

Is your bathroom connected to your master bedroom? If so, you’ll want to plan your design to create a smooth transition. Take down walls that divide the space if possible, and try using colors that flow together.

Make The Powder Room Pop

Powder rooms are notorious for their lack of square footage, so it’s essential to make them pop. Choosing bold colors or prints, or making use of decorative mirrors and wall art are a great way to spice up this tiny room.

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