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Your ceiling fan can circulate air for you while keeping you cool or helping distribute the warmer air in the room. Knowing which way it should spin for different desired temperatures is something not everyone knows, however. 

In the summer, you want your fan to run counter-clockwise to force the air down, giving you a breeze and cooling you off. When your AC is on, it will circulate the cold air blowing from the vent. If you are just looking to cool your room, then turning your fan on the highest setting will do the job. If you’re looking to keep your room moderately cool, turn it to medium fan speed.

In the winter, however, you’ll want to change it so that it rotates clockwise. This will draw air up and force warmer air near the ceiling down and out. You will likely want to keep the fan at a slower speed as to receive the least amount of direct air movement and minimize the wind chill effect. 

Alternatively, you can stand beneath your fan (on either setting) and simply test out different speeds to see what speed works best for what you want. 

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