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The last thing you’d want to come home to after a nice, relaxing vacation is a flood in your house. That’s one way to really bring down your good mood. Luckily, we have a couple of tips on how you can prevent this from happening while you’re away. Although it may not seem like a common concern, your plumbing doesn’t take a day off and can cause you a problem with no notice at all. Better safe than sorry. 

  • Close the main water valve to keep your home flood free and also give you peace of mind. If you don’t know where your main water valve is located, we can help. Find the water meter and you’ll find one of two valves; a gate valve, which is the original type of valve, shaped like a wheel and will shut off the water with a few twists, or a ball valve, which looks like a lever and is off when sticking out from the pipe as opposed to flush with it. 
  • Inspect your supply lines, as well. These are flexible pieces of tube, hooked up to the back of appliances and fixtures connected to the large metal pipes in your home. You’ll want to grab a flashlight, make a list of the appliances and fixtures that have a supply line such as your washing machine, toilet, etc. Run the flashlight from top to bottom on the line to ensure there are no cracks or leaks. If you notice anything wrong, you should have it replaced before you leave. 

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