Quality sleep is essential for a productive workday, a healthy body, and a stable mind. Unfortunately, quality sleep is something many people struggle to achieve. Here are some tips for better sleep at night.

Clear Your Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom clean and organized de-clutters your mind. With less to think about before climbing into bed, the more likely you will be in a state of relaxation. Invest in some boxes and storage units to slide underneath the bed. Get rid of clothes, accessories, books, and décor that you no longer need. The less there is to distract you, the better.

Prepare the Air

The perfect sleeping temperature for everyone is different but is usually on the cooler end. Before you tuck yourself in for bed, set the thermostat to what induces your sleep. Perhaps 77 to 78 degrees will do the trick. Also, take note of the air quality inside of your room. Is it dirty? Does it smell? Is it stale? Heating and air conditioning have adapted to be much smarter and more helpful than in the past. Work with your HVAC contractor to see how your central air system can create a more enjoyable atmosphere in your home.

Specialized air filters clean polluted air within your home, leaving you with clean and healthy air to breathe while you sleep. Healthy air means you wake up with a clear head, and you are well-rested.

Remove Stimuli

Lights out means lights out. Avoid using your cell phone, computer, or television at least one hour before bed. When you do decide to sleep, turn off all of the lights.

If you go to bed earlier than the rest of your household and light still peeks in through the cracks of the door, purchase draft snakes to block out the light. Draft snakes are typically used to control outdoor air from entering the home, but it can be used to eliminate light from entering as well. Light exposure limits the amount of melatonin, a sleep hormone your body releases, which means it takes longer for you to fall asleep.

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