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Gas Fireplaces need an annual inspection to ensure they are safe and functional. This is an essential practice, which many overlook. Because gas fireplaces burn clean and are easy to take care of, it is assumed that they don’t need to be cleaned. While gas fireplaces are low maintenance, any appliance can run into trouble if ignored. This is why you need an annual inspection of your gas fireplace. 

Every fireplace or insert should be cleaned annually. It’s best to get your fireplace checked each spring to ensure a flawlessly functioning fireplace all year round.

Debris That Can Get In The Way

1. Dirty Glass Doors or Frame

Chipped or scratched glass can become a hazard over time and can cause variances with the heat output of your fireplace. If you notice damage to the glass or frame, you will need to get it cleaned or replaced.

2. Deteriorating Logs

Ceramic or faux log inserts can break down with use, clinging to the sides of the insert, and getting trapped.

3. Residue

The inside and outside of a gas fireplace needs to be cleaned occasionally. It is vital to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use approved products for cleaning.

Note: If you have a masonry fireplace with a gas log set insert, inspect the logs with every annual inspection.

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