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It’s laundry day! You put your first load of wash in the dryer and later realize you have a problem. Here are a few issues that are typical and their solutions. 

The outside of the dryer is hot but not the inside.

First, check if you over-loaded your dryer with clothes. If that isn’t the issue, check these parts of the dryer:

Lint Trap

Check your lint trap to make sure the holes in the mesh aren’t blocked. You should be cleaning your lint trap after every cycle. 


Check your vent to see if it is blocked. Numerous things can obstruct a vent.

Vent Hose

Just like your vent, your vent hose can be blocked very easily. Consider buying a vent hose made of metal as it helps prevent blockage.

The dryer won’t turn on

 Check that everything is plugged in, and the breakers work. Sometimes important wires can become unplugged for your dryer to do its job. 

The dryer never heats up

If there is no heat coming from the outside or inside of your dryer, check your dryer settings. The temperature, timer, and fabric selection all play a crucial role in proper operation. Check your breakers. Your dryer is connected to two fuses. Make sure both are working correctly.

The dryer isn’t tumbling

If the drum isn’t spinning, but the dryer is on, it could be the dryer belt. Typically, you can hear the motor running if the dryer belt is the problem. If you hear a buzzing sound, the problem may be that the motor has seized. 

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